Day: 21 May 2021

Binfield announce new shirt sponsor

Binfield FC are pleased to announce a shirt sponsorship agreement with Apex Financial Services, run by former player Matthew Jones.

Apex will be visible on the clubs shirts as they walk out at Wembley Stadium on Saturday 22nd May.

No stranger to supporting local sports clubs, Apex, based in Winnersh Triangle are also partners of Reading FC and Finchampstead Cricket Club.

Matthew set up Apex Financial Services in June 2020, having co-directed a company with his Father for 5 years previous. Matthew is focused on building strong ties in the local community, ensuring his business can have a positive impact on clients, whilst ensuring clubs like Binfield, who once supported him, remain well supported now.

Prior to being an Financial Adviser, Matthew played sport at an elite level. His Football career peaked as an England Schoolboy International at Under 18’s level, which led to the USA via a scholarship. ln Cricket, he represented Glamorgan CCC at Academy & 2nd XI level, as well as Berkshire & Buckinghamshire at Minor Counties level.

Matthew first joined Binfield FC at 16 when he was released from Southampton. He played for the Allied Counties side for 3 seasons, during which he made his 1st Team debut around the age of 17. He was a Binfield player when he made his England debut, watched by the then Allied Counties coaches Steve Jenner and Rob Aston. He had two more stints at the club once returned from University, but unfortunately injuries cut his career short, retiring at 31.

About Apex Financial Services

Binfield FC at Wembley for the FA Vase Final. Photo: Neil Graham.
Binfield FC at Wembley for the FA Vase Final. Photo: Neil Graham.

Apex has an abundance of experience in providing bespoke, holistic advice on a range of wealth management needs. We focus on providing individual and corporate clients with advice tailored to their specific short and medium-term goals, ensuring these remain in line with their longer-term financial objectives. Putting our clients firmly at the centre of everything we do is core to our culture and enables us to deliver a genuinely client-focused business. We do not provide off-the-shelf (or off-the-web) solutions, but offer clients the benefit of a single relationship to meet their financial needs. Our structured advice process is designed to help our clients make informed decisions that will provide them with financial security and prosperity now, and into the future.

Our key areas of advice are:

  • Pension & Retirement Planning
  • Investment Planning
  • Inheritance Tax Planning
  • Corporate Investment & Protection
  • Business Exit Planning
  • Care Fees Planning

Find out more about Apex Financial Services at

Exclusive Interview!

After watching on from the sidelines since the competition began, Binfield FC’s Physio Liam Day gives us an exclusive interview on how he’s been feeling, seeing the lads make it to Wembley.

So the lads are off to Wembley, How are you feeling?

“Firstly it’s all about the squad of players that has got us to this moment, they have been fantastic from our first training session back. The tempo and intensity during these sessions has been amazing. What Carl and Jamie have done is unreal. They have brought a real group of brilliant individuals together into a team that has so much togetherness and belief installed into a day we will never forget. For me, personally it is like a dream really. It will be an emotional day as I have so many memories there from Cup Finals with my Dad etc. Losing him in 2018 was the toughest moment of my life but I know he will be with us all Saturday and I am sure he would be shouting his usual ”Give it to Doddsy” and encouraging all the lads. That is why I can’t thank Carl and Jamie enough for bringing me into the fold here and allowing me to be part of this. But even though I am not actually playing, just to be part of this team has been amazing and I can’t wait for the day. To see family and friends cheering on the lads and at the home of football, it is going to be surreal. I can not wait to just sit there (on my cool box), watch the boys in action and get us over this last hurdle to what we set out to achieve when we all heard that football was back.”

What’s it been like watching on from the sidelines?

“For me it’s been great to see, so many emotions across all the rounds. I’ve seen some great football and also seen us dig deep and show what we are all about. From coming behind against Deal and Fakenham shows what the lads can do and it just brings an absolute buzz when we win, via 90 minutes or penalties. George Short asked me against US Portsmouth, how do I do this every game? I said I don’t know to be honest, but when the game kicks off I forget about the scenario and etc. It’s all about winning that game and I don’t care how we do it as long as we win. Fakenham stands out the most for me because to be losing twice and to show that character to bring it back and then of course the Cat (Gracey) comes up with the goods. We have our own little thing with penalties and that day meant so much because he passed everyone and came straight to me. That meant a lot especially as we are best mates as well. I have known a lot of the lads for some time now so I know what they can produce so I do enjoy watching it. Believe me if I was like 5 stone lighter and actually good then I would be hating watching from the sidelines (Ha Ha) but that is football and I am just one of the lucky ones to be involved in this group.  As for Wembley, fingers crossed it’s another 90 minutes where I can sit back, have a quiet game where there’s not a lot for me to do and I can watch with enjoyment seeing all my friends play at the home of football.”

What emotions run through you when Jack Broome scored the winning penalty for the Moles?

“It was a weird one for me, even when Sean missed his penalty (which is rare by the way), I was still calm and confident we would win because of who we have in goal, and then of course the calmest man on the pitch took 4th and as usual we all know the outcome when Doddsy steps up. But when Jack said in the huddle I will go fifth and no hesitation I knew we had someone who is experienced and can handle that pressure. You would have seen from the stream that after Chris saved the fourth I turned round to his Mum (Liz) and said ”1 More 1 More”. I am just so confident when it comes to that scenario. I would prefer to do every game in 90 minutes but we did it via penalties instead. Penalties are always hard because it’s a great way to win and it’s a relief but also a horrible way to lose and especially at that stage so I straight away went to their players and managers and was like well played, good game etc. But then afterwards the tears because of the reality of what we had done and this special group to have done it with.”

What motivates you the most about being Physio for the squad? (Aka Best ball boy in Berkshire)

“I wouldn’t say anything motivates me about being a physio except I get to watch and be part of this great squad, I get to see friends 3 times a week, have a laugh and get to watch some very good football. This is all about being a squad and it doesn’t matter if you have played every minute or just 30 seconds, we are together and that will never break. I know the lads appreciate what I do for them and don’t get me wrong when I hear ”Liam Liam Liam Liam” 400 times on a Saturday afternoon between 1:30 and 2, I do want to pull my hair out but I wouldn’t change a thing, well I say that maybe when I say can I have all the balls in but then I have to go round and collect them all from some of the shots ha ha. Being a physio is a tough job because in the end, the player know their bodies better than I do but I have to sometimes make those calls and tell Carl and Jamie that this lad or that lad is not fit for today and then that causes a headache but also it is hard because I then have to tell that player that they can’t play today and you can see it in some if their faces they are gutted but it’s all about their health at the end of the day and what is best of the team.”

And lastly, what are you most looking forward to in the next year?

“First thing I am looking forward to getting the supports back into the club who have not managed to see these games live on via streams on the internet. To have them back will be amazing and Saturday is for them as well as everyone else at the club from the juniors to the volunteers behind the tea bar and club bar. I am looking forward to seeing where this special group of players can actually go because I feel this is just the start of something. If we bring in some extra depth as the right fit then I am sure Carl and Jamie will make sure of that then next year could be an even bigger rollercoaster than the last 7 weeks we have been on. Like I have said previously, this really is a special group of players and a very special club. For me, togetherness is the key to any success at any level and we have that but the main focus for now is Saturday and winning one more game of football and bringing the Vase to Hill Farm Lane. UP THE MOLES!”