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Sean Moore

U23 update – new venue, new coaching, proven pathway

After a solid first season in the Thames Valley Premier League Division Three that saw Binfield take the league title, the Moles are busy preparing for the 2023/24 season.

Boss Andy Harvey is sitting down with his co-coaches this week to schedule on some open sessions for the 23/24 season which will be published shortly.

After a first season that saw an unbeaten league campaign and that league title, the club aren’t standing still at U23 level.

From next season, U23 home games will be played at Binfield FC in the terrific facility at Hill Farm Lane.

The club can offer youngsters a UEFA B licence coach and a proven pathway to First Team Isthmian League football.

Lots of clubs talk pathways, but at Binfield we have seen it in action with four players making senior debuts last season.

A full schedule of pre-season friendlies arranged against strong opposition is on offer as well.

If interested get in touch with Andy Harvey on / 07854 942559 to discuss attendance at soon to be advised sessions.

Binfield FC

Under 15s looking to strengthen as they move up a year for 2023/24

Binfield’s under 15 Lightening team are moving to under 16 next season and are keen to strengthen their side.

Currently, the Lightning team play in Division 1 of the East Berks Football League and have spaces available in the squad to strengthen. The team are predominantly looking for attacking players but are keen on seeing anyone with a good and hardworking attitude who wants to join a great group of existing players.

The team will play as under 16s in 2023/24 and looking for boys who are currently in Year 10 at school.

Anyone interested should contact Chris Hatt on 07870 384242


Binfield u23s recruiting for 2023/24

Thames Valley Premier League Binfield u23s are already looking ahead to the 2023/24 season and recruitment for the next campaign.

The young Moles look well set for promotion from Division Three this season, sitting top of the division with a record of 11 wins and four draws.

On recruitment for next season, manager Andy Harvey said: “We’re looking to improve our pathway offering from youth football in to adult football and any 18 – 21 year olds interested should make contact with a view to attending some training sessions and trials over coming weeks.

Binfield’s first team play in the Isthmian League South Central Division One and are eyeing a play-off push this term. A number of under 23 players have featured in Garry Haylock’s side and the club are keen to open up that pathway and opportunity to more players.

Anyone interested in joining a session should contact Andy Harvey on 07854 942559.

P1300788 Alan Clark

Binfield Soccer School stars really look the part at Hill Farm Lane

New branded Binfield FC Soccer School shirts were handed out to all-age players on Sunday to great delight.

The aim is to create a stronger club association for our Soccer School players and the start of their football journey before they go on to join our junior teams at U7.

With names on the back of the shirts, which excited the players, the initiative also helps in direct individual coaching and the coaching staff in trying to remember approximately 40 plus names a week.

Soccer School runs on a Sunday morning at Binfield FC, Hill Farm Lane – 9:30am to 11am.

If you want to come and join in the fun and training sessions, just turn up in the morning and check out our Soccer School page on the club website.

Here’s a few more snaps!

Elbie and Ben Churchill.

‘You get out what you put in’ – Binfield under 12s manager Ben Churchill on the importance of grassroots football clubs

Ben Churchill is the manager of Binfield under 12s, the team his son Elbie plays for, and has been involved with the Moles for seven or eight seasons.

Ben sat down for a chat with me about his numerous roles at the club, why he loves what he does and what local football has given back to him.

Moley: We are talking all things Binfield this morning with Ben Churchill. Morning Ben, can you tell me about your role at Binfield Football Club?

Ben Churchill:  My role is ever-evolving. So initially I started off coaching my boy’s team at under sevens. They are now under 12 and going to under 13’s next season, and I’m also the Junior Secretary for the club. I think we have 30-32 teams the in the Youth section now. So, yeah, look after those guys, as well. And I think, I’m part of the management committee, possibly, that’s it, who knows [laughs]? It changes all the time. It’s exciting times what’s going on and it’s all really positive so yeah, all good.

Moley: Why do you love what you do at the club?

Ben Churchill:  I think it’s that sense of community. I think that is the real thing for me. When you’re at under seven’s, when you’ve got the boys and girls playing in Soccer School, you just stand there as a parent going: Okay, so this is all very nice and then, once you start building friendships and you see these faces down the club like Bob Chapple – some of the guys that have been there for a long time it builds a sense of community. I think it’s a big thing for me. We’re really lucky. Really lucky. I think that we’ve got a great club, and great facilities, lovely people. I think it’s that.

Without getting too deep and meaningful, my dad used to live away quite a lot when I was young and he never really watched me play football. So the thing for me, it was almost trying to give something back to Elbie, and he’s now got a really good group of football friends. He’s got school friends and other friendship groups for him. It’s just a sense of community, it’s huge for me. On match day to we coach the boys and then quite often, we’ll be down there for the first team game as well. So all the parents mingle, and the parents come down and are part of it. I just love it. I think it’s a really nice setup and the beer’s good.

Moley:  What’s your favourite thing about the club, would you say the same thing or was there something very specific?

Ben Churchill:  No, I think it’s a match day. Definitely, I think it’s a match day. Especially in the warmer months. Not so much in December and it’s pouring with rain or windy and horrible, but I think. Yeah, in early September, when it’s warm, you get the boys to play their game and then stay down at the club for the day and get the parents down. If it’s in the sunshine and the first team plays, a few beers, a Mole Burger. Obviously, for me, it’s that. It’s community. It’s just having just nice people around, it makes a huge difference. Really does.

Moley: Who do you rely on at the club / who’s your best mate at Binfield Football Club?

Ben Churchill: It’s a good question. When you sent that over, I did, I had little think about it, and I think it’s probably two. If I’m honest, Darren Beasley who’s my assistant coach, we were on the phone for probably half an hour last night, I was just chewing his ear off, basically moaning about this and that and all that type of good stuff. It’s tactics for the weekend and what we thought about that weekend’s game, what we’ve got in terms of plans for training on Wednesday. I would say probably Darren. He’s a bit rock bless him. He’s a good egg and looks after me and he’s a bit of a. I can moan at him he’ll moan back if needed but also Lewis Pike as well.

Binfield u12 Chargers.
Binfield u12 Chargers.

Lewis and I pretty much started at the club within a couple of weeks of each other and we helped were helping out with Soccer School. We were both taking the team and again I probably speak to Lewis on a weekly basis, we set the world to rights and whether that be the club or the, or the boys and girls teams that we coach now. So yeah, I’d say Darren and Lewis for sure.

Moley: Just going off piste slightly and Soccer School. Is that the gateway drug to Binfield Football Club?

Ben Churchill: 100% yeah, 100% it is yes. Bob Chapple does a very good sales pitch on you: Oh yeah it’ll be absolutely fine come down and take a few of the boys and girls for a couple of sessions. And next thing, you know, I’m Youth Secretary, You do get dragged in [laughs].

But if you don’t have volunteers then you don’t have a football club so for me it really is a case of you get out what you put into it. There are coaches that go to training, like go to a match day and that’s it, they can switch off. But for me, I think it’s more to it than that, I think. The more you put in the more you definitely get out of it. Obviously, when you get signed up at Under 7s you think, I should be fine. It’s just a few hours-a-week type of thing. And it does slowly build up and build up and build up. And yeah, before you know it, it’s yeah, you hooked. It is good!

Moley: What’s the most rewarding thing about being involved?

Ben Churchill: I would say it’s the boy’s and the girl’s development and watching and watching them grow. I was watching the Under 7s after our game on Saturday and they just look so small and so innocent. It’s just lovely to see them loving their football, but as you go through the years, you can just see them growing into young adults basically. This is going to sound really cheesy, but almost what you don’t realise is how much how important football is to the children and to adults. You can be quite a big part of their life going through if you think about it. We train in the summer twice a week and have a game on Saturday. So that’s three times a week you see these kids from Under 7s through to Under 18s and that’s quite a lot. I’d like to think I’m helping mould some of these young people into young adults. I think that’s probably the biggest reward, to know that we’ve gone from Under 7s where they can barely kick a ball to now, we’ll talk about formations and patterns of play and all that type of thing. Being a part of that in the kid’s life is big for me.

Moley: When are you most satisfied during a football week?

Binfield first team lead out by Liam Gavin.

Ben Churchill: I think our match day. I just love it. I manage it a lot better now than I used to. I never used to sleep on a Friday night because I’d get myself worked up about anything. I’d think ‘it’s under sevens, underage football, why am I not sleeping?

It is crazy but it’s just because you care. When we had the bad weather, recently, December and January not having that football release for maybe – we didn’t have a game for around eight weeks, it’s just a killer – I was doing housework, was just trying to keep myself busy, just to sort of pass the time, but I think with the match day morning and the preparation you go through and just to get the boys ready, to get yourself ready, to have that competitiveness, I think for me it is addictive.

Moley: Last one, why should people get involved in their local football club?

Ben Churchill: For me, as I said, I started off at Soccer School and was just running around after a few kids kicking the ball about. But now you get out what you put into it and for me, I keep on going about it, it’s that sense of community. If you don’t have volunteers, there’s no football club and I’ve met some really, really good friends and friends that’ll be with me for life now because of local football.

I think if you want to be a coach that coaches once a week and has a game day on a Saturday and that’s it, then that’s fine. But the sense of satisfaction you get from seeing the boys and girls develop into young adults the sense of community, it’s almost like you have your family, you have your friends and you have your football club.

It’s hard to explain but I’ll be down at the club tonight watching the first team. We’ve got the Guernsey game and I’ll help out in the boardroom, you’re making teas and coffees and you just get to meet lots of different people, lots of different characters from different backgrounds,

It’s great. I think it’s great and it’s we’re very lucky. There are teams we are we going to and you’re playing around, Saturday mornings in the middle of a park, having to mine sweep for dog poo on the pitch and all that type of stuff.

At Binfield, we’ve got a great facility. We’ve got some great people and we do to take it for granted but we are also desperate for volunteers at all levels to help out with things like the tournament and help out on match days. Even just things like a bit of litter picking or a bit of maintenance. When everyone chips in, what’s the saying? ‘Many hands made light work’. I think that’s the thing. We could always do with more volunteers. There are always jobs for people to do but you come away with a bit of satisfaction knowing that you’ve helped out and put a little bit back into the community.

Liam Gavin in action for Binfield against Thame United. Photo: Jack Craske.

Liam Gavin on target again while u23s keep unbeaten run going

Central defender Liam Gavin was on the scoresheet again at the weekend as Binfield’s men’s first team drew 1-1 at Chipstead in the Isthmian League.

The goal puts the long-serving Mole fourth in the club’s top-scorers list for the season having also netted in recent games against Tooting & Mitcham United as well as Westfield.

Gavin’s strike came on 69 minutes, levelling up Thomas Smith’s first-half goal, ensuring Binfield remain unbeaten in their last three league games.

One notable new addition to the side was Harvey Rackley-Hayes, previously with the club last season but back in goal for Chris Grace after the ‘keeper was withdrawn during the win over Leatherhead.

Thames Valley Premier League

Max Reid.
Max Reid.

Binfield’s first venture in the Thames Valley Premier League Division Three continued with a 2-2 draw at AFC Winkfield Reserves, with both goals coming from penalties converted by Max Reid.

Andy Harvey’s side remains top of the table on 18 points and face Reading City Development at home on Saturday.

Allied Counties Youth League

Frimley Green edged out the young Moles at Hill Farm Lane in midweek 3-2 in the Allied Counties Youth League Central Division.

Jamie Smith and Jake Cook scored for Binfield while Scott Crofts and a double for Lewis Myrtollari scored for the visitors.

What’s on for Binfield FC this week?

Thurs 6th Dec: Harefield United vs Binfield u18s (7:30pm)

Sat 10th Dec: Binfield First vs Uxbridge (3pm)

Binfield FC u8s Jets in their new NR Supply sponsored jackets.

Binfield u8s Jets new jacket sponsor

The under 8s Jets at Binfield FC are looking very smart in their new training jackets sponsored by NR Supply.

The team took a moment to pose recently in their new apparel and look very smart.

We’d like to thank specialist recruitment firm NR Supply for their support of the team. If you’d like to find out more about them visit

Binfield Tonbridge Angels Facup 04

November brings Binfield home comforts and chance to focus on Isthmian League

Weather permitting, November 2022 will see Binfield in action nine times with five home fixtures to come at Hill Farm Lane.

The Moles will play four home Isthmian League South Central Division One fixtures and one Velocity Trophy tie from the 12th November onwards.

Before we all get too comfy though, there are three away days to come with Amersham Town up first on Tuesday night in the Berks & Bucks County FA Cup before trips to Hanworth Villa and Westfield in the league.

The five home games in November are:

  • Bedfont Sports (12th Nov)
  • Guernsey (15th Nov)
  • Tooting & Mitcham United (22nd Nov)
  • Leatherhead (26th Nov)
  • Sutton Common Rovers (29th Nov) – Velocity Trophy

With the Moles impressive runs in both the FA Cup and FA Trophy now at an end, the focus is firmly on catching up on league games. Binfield are four games behind some teams including leaders Northwood and fourth-placed Chertsey Town.

For information and dates on all fixtures in November through to Christmas head to our fixtures page. Tickets are available online in advance for all forthcoming home fixtures here.

Binfield Tonbridge Angels Facup 23

Binfield earn Isthmian League performance award

Binfield have picked up a performance award from the Pitching In Isthmian League for September 2022.

The Moles were recognised in the Pitching In Performance of the Month award for the South Central Division and their impressive 4-0 thumping of Vanarama National League South side Tonbridge Angels at Hill Farm Lane.

The Isthmian League has already awarded Moles goalkeeper Chris Grace this season with a ‘keeper of the month gong and now the whole team has scooped a prize.

Announcing the award on the Isthmian League website, a statement reads: “What a season Binfield have been having- and their best moment so far was when National League South side Tonbridge Angels arrived at Stubbs Lane in the FA Cup. After a goalless first half the Moles took the game to the visitors after the break, burying them under an avalanche of goals to win four-nil. Sean Moore, Johnny Efedje, Lewis Pegg and Brad Pagliaroli did the damage- a magnificent performance, which they will now have a shiny trophy to help them remember.”

Among the award winners in the other divisions were Beckenham Town, the side who ended the Moles record-breaking run in this season’s FA Cup while AFC Sudbury and Margate also got nods.

FA Cup

Binfield drawn AT HOME in the FA Cup Second Qualifying Round

Following Binfield’s late 1-0 win at Holyport in the FA Cup First Qualifying Round on Sunday afternoon, the Moles have discovered their next opponents.

Binfield will be at home to Vanarama National League South side Tonbirdge Angels in the FA Cup Second Qualifying Round which was drawn at 1pm on Monday 5th September.

Fixtures are due to take place on the weekend of Saturday 17th September 2022.

Elsewhere, our neighbours Bracknell Town, as well as fellow Berkshire sides Hungerford Town and Slough Town, were all in the hat. See the draw details on Football in Berkshire here.

Binfield FC Junior Tournament. Photo: Rob Mack / Shooting Stars.

Binfield Soccer School restarts in September

Binfield Football Clubs award-winning Soccer School will return for the season on Sunday 11th September.

Winner of Best Community Campaign at the 2022 Berkshire Football Awards, the Soccer School has been a part of the fabric of the Moles for many years, with some famous names passing through the clubhouse.

Run by Bob Chapple, the Soccer School is a welcoming environment for children ages 3 and up to year 1.

It’s Pay As You Play, priced at £3 a session which can be paid on arrival.

It’s as simple as that! Just turn up, come rain or shine.

Further details on the Soccer School page here.

Sean Moore. Photo: Neil Graham /

“We will work our butts off” – Binfield captain Sean Moore

Binfield captain Sean Moore has been speaking to Football in Berkshire’s Dave Wright ahead of Saturday’s big FA Trophy Second Round tie with Truro City at Hill Farm Lane.

Moore, who captained the Moles to Wembley last season, said he believed his sides desire over 90 minutes of a cup tie has been invaluable: “Some of the teams we have played perhaps haven’t shown as much desire over 90 minutes as we did. You can be sure we will work our butts off from the first to the last minute in every game. This is a credit to Doddsy (Jamie McClurg) and Withs (Carl Withers) for the training sessions and demanding the intensity they expect from us in all games.”

The Binfield captain covered other subjects in the interview including his new role on the pitch alongside Callum Bunting, as well as the surge in support from the club juniors.

He said: “Our good run in the Vase has certainly helped us out this season. A lot of the club’s junior players are now watching us and their parents are coming along with them. That’s good to see as we are a family club and it is nice to have seen them enjoying their day with us. That is one of the enjoyments of playing at home.”

The full interview is available on the Football in Berkshire website here.

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Buy tickets: Binfield vs Truro City

Asa Povey playing for Binfield at Wembley in the FA Vase Final. Photo: Neil Graham /

Binfield draw Truro City at home in FA Trophy

The draw for the Second Round of the 2021/22 Buildbase FA Trophy has pitched Binfield at home to Truro City on Saturday 27th November.

The Moles beat Cinderford Town 3-0 on Saturday while Cornish side Truro beat Bognor Regis Town 4-2 on penalties after a 1-1 draw in normal time.

Truro are currently 11th at step 3 in the Southern League Premier Division South while Binfield are fourth at step 4 in the Isthmian League South Central Division.

After a year without a single home tie in national FA competitions, Binfield now have a second in a row after the Cinderford game.

Tickets for the fixture are now on sale on our ticket portal with our charity partner for this fixture selected as CRY UK (Cardiac Risk In The Young).

The scheduling means the home tie with Tooting & Mitcham United will be rearranged but there remain four home fixtures in November starting with Hanwell Town on Tuesday night.

Tickets for all these games are in our ticket store here.

Binfield's Jack Broome gives the thumbs up. Photo: Neil Graham.

Binfield FC vs South Park – tickets now on sale

Tickets are on sale now for Binfield’s home game with South Park.

The Moles will play the Sparks in the Pitching In Isthmian League South Central Division One on Saturday 2nd October 2021 (ko 3 pm).

Binfield Football Club has signed up with TicketPass for the 2021/22 season and tickets for all our matches will be available here. One of the benefits of TicketPass is that they donate 50% of their service fee to charity.

The Moles have chosen Cardiac Risk in the Young (CRY) as the recipient charity for this fixture. You can find out more about them here.

Click here to buy your tickets and don’t forget to let us know your interest in a replica shirt. Details here.

You can also get ahead of the game and book tickets for the next Binfield home fixtures including games against Westfield and Hanwell Town here.

You can read more about TicketPass and their Ethical Ticketing here.

Binfield line up at Wembley. Photo: Neil Graham.

Match reporter wanted

Binfield FC are looking for someone to write short match reports for this website and the Non-League Paper.

Reports for the NLP are no longer than 120 words most weeks, should round up the key points of the game (there is a deadline on Saturdays for these reports) and that would be the kind of length we’d like for this site.

Some writing experience is preferable but no other experience is necessary. If interested please get in touch via our contact page and choose ‘Volunteering’ as the submission option.