Binfield FC – Weatherstone reacts to first win of the season.

It’s been a long time coming, but the Binfield FC earned themselves three Isthmian League points on Saturday afternoon as they were 2-1 winners at Met Police’s Imber Court.

After the match, ‘Moley’ caught up with Ross Weatherstone to discuss the match, his first win since being appointed as first team manager in December.

Moley – “Ross, congratulations your first win as Binfield FC first team manager, could you sum up your feelings about the result?”

Weatherstone – “Yeah, I can’t stress enough how pleased I am for the players, officials, members, supporters and everyone at the football club that we could get the win. From my point of view, I was confident and I believe in the work that we were doing together, so to get to where we got to today – and ultimately getting three points.Looking at our scoreline against Ascot and I feel today, we’ve got some just rewards in certain areas.”

Moley – “There’s been a lot of change on the pitch as well as off it since you’ve come in, but one of the one of the players has been involved for a while now is Ben Stallard. Could you talk us through the opening goal, his brilliant free-kick?”

Weatherstone – “Yeah, to be fair to him, he hit a fantastic free kick against Ascot which was brilliantly saved. This was in a similar kind of position, probably more towards the right hand post if you’re if you’re looking down at the goal and believed in his technique and it was a fantastic finish He was unlucky not to start last week against Ascot and today’s come in and it’s given his all for the team so I’m really pleased for him.”

Binfield FC players celebrate the opening goal

Moley – “Obviously, it wasn’t all positive this afternoon. There was the equaliser from Met Police just minutes after our opening goal, could you talk us through that?”

Weatherstone – “The confidence is an area that we’re working on at the moment and we’re looking on building the the character and the personality of the team. The goal itself was a cross from deep and probably, with the pressure Killian was under, he probably should have punched rather than tried to catch it,  and off the back of him getting contact has dropped the ball. It wasn’t necessarily a pretty goal if that makes sense for from our perspective. What I will say on that is, at the very end Killian has made an outstanding save to win us the game as well.

So it’s, I think it’s just again, just a process piece where we are where we are at the moment but we’re really really pleased that he was able to make up for his mistake and win us the three points at the end there.”

Moley – “It was Tyler D’Cruz’s goal that ended up being the winner on the afternoon. Could you talk us through that and then a quick word on the injury he sustained shortly after?”

Weatherstone – You know, his work ethic is was fantastic. The goal that he scored was something that we’ve been working on in training – in terms of how we how we want to enter the 18 yard box and Rechan (Esprit)  did really well to get his shot off just from the left edge of the box. Their ‘keeper made a save but Tyler was there following up. He fully deserved that goal for his work in the shift that you put in the afternoon. 

Obviously I’m really disappointed. Tyler suffered an injury off the back of chasing down a loose ball.

But that aside, I just want to give a massive shout out to shout out physio Salil who I can’t stress enough has been outstanding in relation to the support and care that he’s given Tyler.”

Moley – “And looking forward to the next few games, we spoke when you joined about kind of opportunities and next next couple of weeks ( although they are obviously a tough games against Southall and Westfield) provides us with two home games in a row – Saturday, and then Tuesday night as well, just talk us through those matches and how you’re going to approach the next week or so?”

Weatherstone – “Yeah, so the nice thing is is we now have a Tuesday-Thursday where we can get some training in and we can work on what we are about as a team. Obviously, we know, they’re going to be tough games.

As I said to the team, we as long as we continue to show the levels of commitment and the desire and the ability to execute the game plan we want to go out there and upset both sides and obviously get some more points on the boards for Binfield.”

The Binfield FC players celebrate post match in the changing room

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