Day: 28 May 2024

Soccer School

Soccer School Report 2023–24 Season

Again, this year’s Soccer School has been a growing story of success. Whether that has been the introduction of our first Lionesses girls-only sessions being run at the Club lead by a female lead coach, the sustained level of Mini-Moles attending Soccer School, or the high numbers of Year 1’s coming to Soccer School each week (weather permitting) even during those cold winter months. Showing the commitment from the parents & players who were all having fun at Soccer School, & the dedication of the coaches in creating a fun active environment enjoy Soccer School & what Binfield FC has to offer.

Soccer School


Soccer Schools first all-girls session at the Club has started with great success, with a growing mix of ages. Led by Club coaches already involved in running several of the Clubs girls only teams, the Lionesses section helps the players learn in a better specific sounding, centric to the FAs guides to coaching football. The aim, like the Year 1 section, is to increase the Clubs footprint in the female side of the game with a pathway for our Lionesses into the local league. This success will ideally create a new team moving up into the U8’s for next season, with trials being held at the Club during Soccer School. Hopefully, the continued success of this new section of Soccer School can continue into next seasons Soccer School.


This year we have seen a consistent number of Mini-Moles, (new section name for the reception students), coming to play at Soccer School. The natural pathway of skills learnt from the fun play phase orientated Mini-Moles section being transferred to the Year 1 section is key to improve this foundation of learning football. This year’s Mini-Moles have been working on fast-paced games that increase their love and enjoyment of football.

This has been important this year with the aim for the Mini-Moles to enjoy their football, whilst also learning the basics needed to be able to progress into Year 1’s sessions where they are doing & learning more technical skills. Through games such as Hit the Coach (a favourite game of the Mini-Moles), it not only keeps them moving but also works on their passing accuracy. Aiming to Hit the Coach with the ball, develops moving at pace & needing to look up & find a pass with control. A popular reverse of Hit the Coach is coined by the Mini-Moles as Hit the Player, where the Coaches must get the ball to touch the Player for them to join their team & try & do likewise to the other free Players. Simple / fun games are at the core of the Mini-Moles section, with the primary aim to have fun & enjoy kicking a football.

Year 1’s

This year’s Year 1’s will be fielding 4 x U7’s teams, with 8 players in each team, which is an immense achievement for the coaches working with them this year & an endorsement of players wanting to play their junior football at the Club.

The Year 1’s worked on more complex ball control this year, that takes a lot more focus & determination, to learn these harder skill levels. However, matched by great enthusiasm & eagerness to accept a challenge, each player not only enjoyed their time, but ultimately signs of improvement were fed back from parents to coaches. Having to learn to work in a team, make independent decisions & to communicate are not only great football skills to have, but ongoing life skills.

We wish the new U7’s the best of luck, along with the parents stepping up to be new coaches for the next season. We will all be watching & cheering on these 4 Binfield team’s next season.

Awards Day

This year, we were delighted to welcome Ollie Gofford to our Soccer School Awards Day on May 5th. Ollie has just signed a professional contract with Fulham FC after being with Fulham for the last 10 years. Ollie started his footballing career at Binfield, playing at Soccer School before moving into the U7’s & U8’s. Ollie then joined Fulham following the conclusion of U8’s, moving straight into Fulham’s U9’s. We thank Ollie for his time in coming down to the Club & making our awards day so memorable for the players & illustrates again the affection felt to the Club from previous players, proving what Pathway in football Binfield FC offers.

Soccer School 2
Soccer School 3

Youth Coaches

The Soccer School is very fortunate to have an abundance of young coaches helping down at the Club when completing their DofE (Duke of Edinburgh), which has been a real help to manage our number of players. These young coaches have been able to work with Lead Coaches & run sessions across all our age sections, with the aim of not just improving their own confidence / ability in coaching but can be applied to their day-to-day lives in school & future educational steps.

This year we have had 5 coaches who have completed their DofE, to achieve their volunteering part of the DofE course. Two decided to stay on longer & coach for the season, showing the community that Soccer School aims to create, & enjoyment felt by the young coaches who give up their desirable Sunday morning lie-in to help contribute to the children’s love for football. This will continue to be a key offer from Soccer School to our local youth players development.

Coaching staff & Socials

Again, this year Alan took the lead of preparing the Year 1’s for U7’s, aiming to give them the starting ability that they would take with them into their first league games. Alan’s coaching methods are not only enjoyable for the Year 1’s but offers a high-level degree of football mentality / thinking for this age group. The variable sessions, concentrating on specific elements of football has brought great reference from parents, one of which said that Soccer School offers “the best coaching around” after seeing what other Clubs had to offer.

Jamie who led the Mini-Moles, leaves us to go to University in October, but will continue to be a familiar face on a Sunday as he continues to join our sessions when at home. New improved Soccer School socials on Facebook & X (formally Twitter) has enabled us to share our aim & content to a growing wider audience & reward our players of the day with some spotlight recognition.

Feel free to check out Binfield F.C. Soccer School on Facebook & @BFCSoccerSchool on X where weekly updates & awards from Soccer School are posted.

Finally, this year sees Bob take a well-deserved step back in the running of Soccer School, having run it for so long with our previous Club Chairman Bob Bacon. This year marks 16 years of Bob volunteering at Soccer School, with the greatest achievement being Soccer School being awarded the Football in Berkshire award. Bob will still be around, but more as the welcoming face to players in the morning at registration.

Soccer School 4

Report by Jamie Clark