Up the Moles! Carl Withers writes..

Firstly it would be wrong not to use this opportunity to thank everybody for the support you gave myself, dodds, and all our lads during our FA vase run. The reception we received on the day of the final when we left the village, and the many faces we saw in the Final really made it hit home what this club had achieved over those 6-7 weeks and sadly on the day we just fell short but come away immensely proud.

When both myself and Jamie took over our ambition from the offset was to gain promotion from the Hellenic League and win the FA Vase, now some people laughed at this but we always believed we could build a squad to be successful, and I think not many people can deny that we didn’t achieve our goal, and today that chapter begins.

Binfield line up at Wembley. Photo: Neil Graham.

Like any club promoted, their squads will always need to be strengthened and this is no different for us. Our squad for two seasons has grown but only with the right type of player and this has been no different during pre season. We believe we have brought in a group of lads who all compliment the squad in different ways and we hope you will make them feel welcome and cheer them on each week.

Today we welcome Basingstoke Town, a team who for the last few years found themselves without a home but we’re both delighted they are now back where they belong playing in their town, and will be one of the favourites going into this season.

All that’s left for us to say is we hope you all enjoy the game today and thank you all once again for your continued support ‘Up the Moles’

Carl Withers