Ross Weatherstone Reacts to late Thatcham defeat.

After Saturday’s loss to Thatcham Town, Moley caught up with first-team manager Ross Weatherstone as he reacted to the match…

Moley – Ross, a tough defeat to take after fighting back from behind and conceding late on…

Weatherstone – Yeah, definitely. I think as I said to the team after the game okay to be disappointed not winning the game, but they can’t be disappointed in relation to the performance that gave, you know, we were scoring the last really valid on time and deservedly so. And unfortunately, just a couple of areas where we switched off meant that we gave them another opportunity to go. Really, really tough one because for me, we definitely deserve something called the game. If anything, the chances that we had, we should have probably won the game.

Moley – You’ve been quite vocal in the fact that we probably deserved something from the game – just talk us through that…

Weatherstone – When we’re performing the way we are, the game is about scoring goals and taking chances and, you know, we call to hit the post twice, and in my opinion, have at least four other good opportunities to score and that’s often against the full world not performing, you know, that’s just sometimes how the game presents itself. You know, we all know that gold change momentum in the game as well. You know, it’s actually a  good side. But I just think the, when you look at those kinds of stats and look at that tool, and they probably scored three goals out of maybe four or five opportunities that they really had a goal scoring threat side, they work really hard, you know, they were clinical. I would think it’s just disappointing not to come away with something because, you know, outperformance definitely warranted something.

Moley – There’s been some great performances in recent weeks but how important is it that we do back to winning ways?

Weatherstone – Winning games of football is always huge. I think the thing to highlight in the last probably six games you know, we’ve played Hartley Whitney, Southall, Westfield and South Park as well. We’ve played top-half teams, we’ve competed and we’ve picked up some points. So we got to be we got to think about the performances that we’ve put in in that game and we’ve got to take those performances into the games that we’ve got coming up with against things that are in and around us, because you know, winning those games are key. Getting back to winning ways is massively important. And then Tuesday night, which is our next game against Corinthian Casuals becomes a becomes a huge game and everyone in and around the club or in around the community to get to the iconic on Tuesday night to support us and get behind us.we’re going to need everybody to get out of this situation.

Moley – Taking you back all the way to the start of your of your reign with the club. We spoke about opportunities and I think the next three games all at home, all at the Iconic Stadium, does this week offer as opportunity for us?

Weatherstone – Absolutely. I think when you look at the three fixtures that we have, definitely Saturday against Marlow is is probably a free hit for us in relation to how they’re performing and challenging right now. So but that aside, you know, I think that as long as we can continue to perform the way we are completing the way we are and staying engaged the way we are, if we can just eliminate some of the errors when we make it. I still believe we can get these results that we need to to get the points that we want to get on the board.