Ross Weatherstone Reacts to Hanworth Villa Point.

After Tuesday night’s 1-1 draw with Hanworth Villa, Moley caught up with first-team manager Ross Weatherstone as he reacted to the match…

Moley – Ross, it’s late heartbreak for the Moles – conceding a late equaliser, but do you look at it as a point gained or two dropped this evening?

Weatherstone – It’s an interesting question. One thing I want to say before anything, I’m just so proud of every single player and everyone at the football club. We’ve come here tonight against a really strong Hanworth Villa team and we’ve competed. When you go one up in the game and you know you’re at 90 minutes of course, you’re looking at the game and thinking wow, is that two points dropped? But, when I go through my targets, etc, for games, for me, this is a point gained, I want the team to be proud of their work. I don’t want them to be disappointed and I want them to get ready for Saturday.

Moley – There was plenty of defensive resilience out there for the full 90 minutes in difficult conditions. There’s definitely plenty to be proud of in that sense…

Weatherstone – I think I just said it, in my answer to the last question.vWhen you look at the shift that these backline is putting in, include the goalkeeper in that. The key thing for me is they’re following the instructions. They’re listening to the out of possession detail, and more importantly, they’re executing it. It’s lovely just to hear their manager come over and be complimentary of the team, complimentary of our organised we are, but again, that doesn’t necessarily get you to three points, but it definitely means that the process we’re on in the right tracks regarding the process.

Moley – I think we can kind of summed up there, a little bit disappointed. But is it that almost the perfect sign of progress. That the players have come off the pitch a little bit gutted, even though it is a point gained as we previously said?

Weatherstone – Yeah. I think I’ve said it three or four times in the interview, I’m just so proud of the group and the progress. I look at everybody, that everyone behind the scenes, we’re all together and we’re all in it, and we’re all having a go and, and I think I’ve said it enough times, that’s the character that’s the personality I want within the club. That’s what we’ve got to continue to do what we’ve been doing for the upcoming games. We go into Saturday and, and we hope and we continue to prepare right on Thursday night and and we go into that game. We’ve we’ve a lot of positive momentum in my opinion.

Moley – We speak a lot about the work that goes on off the pitch, but surely notnothing can prepare us for that goal, it was a great strike.

Weatherstone – I think the thing the thing that I’m most proud about all of our strikers you know, when you look at Ethan (Lindo) has scored three and three but is unfortunately not here tonight. Dontaye (Whittaker) scored two against Hartley Wintney on his comeback from injury. Els (Elijas Bagdonavicius), he’s been in has been fantastic.

I said to him before the game I said if you get a chance outside the box, you’ve got to fire. And fair play to him, he asked the question of Harvey (Rackley-Hayes), obviously, an ex-‘ keeper of ours. He deserved his goal over the three games that he’s played for us, so again, really proud of him and, and obviously now we just look at, we look at Saturday now…

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